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16 October 2006

Flowers Sing about Finding Love

Here's a short and sweet video ad about flowers singing 'can anyone find me someone to love'. Turn on your volume to hear it.

05 October 2006

Not Saying is the Flower

The accidental florist reminds us of an old Japanese saying; "Iwanu ga hana":

"Iwanu ga hana": "Not saying is the flower". Exactly what flower 'not saying' is, they don't say, but perhaps there is a meaning similar to "silence is golden", although, in fact, it seems to me that the implication is more that there is some kind of beauty or sense of spiritual attainment in having something to say, but witholding (perhaps a bit like Tantric conversation). One is about to speak, but instead of doing so, one allows a flower of multi-petalled meaning to bloom in silence on the air."

The lone daisy photo is by SteveFE
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