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25 January 2006

The Meaning of Yellow Roses

Thinking of buying a dozen yellow roses for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day? Don't do it.

The symbolic meaning of yellow roses is that of friendship, or platonic love. They also signify the promise of a new beginning, but this would be the type of new beginning relating to newlyweds or new mothers, rather than the beginnings of a love relationship.

Yellow roses signify joy and delight. Give them to the new mother in the delivery room or the university graduate after their graduation ceremony.

A flower arrangement composed primarily of red roses is the most appropriate bouquet for a Valentine's lover's gift of flowers.

Update January 30th: Welcome LAist readers! I was thrilled to get a link today from the LAist. This is so wonderful especially as today happens to be my birthday. For a new blogger, a link from a Los Angeles PR7 site is a bigger thrill than a gift of several dozen beautiful yellow roses.

Unique Valentine's Bouquets

Are you looking for something unique and different for a 2006 Valentine's Day bouquet? This beautiful floral arrangement is by the Empty Vase florist in Los Angeles. They call it the Valentine Fantasy and it's made up of flash bacara, back magic roses, pink hydrangea, calla lili, organic foliage leaf. It's about sixteen inches in width.

The Empty Vase has a fabulous Valentine's Day selection of floral arrangements. Here's just one more on their list. This one is named "Many Faces of Red" and is composed of red and pink roses, tulips and cymbidiums. The vase is beautifully adorned with jewels and ribbons. It's about two feet in height.

Check out their unique Valentine's Day collection here.

20 January 2006

Flowers for Aquarians

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

The traditional flowers associated with the Aquarius sign are the orchid and golden rain.

Aquarians are the most bohemian and often eccentric personalities of all twelve signs. Flowers for aquarians make great gifts, but be sure to be a little unique and outstanding in your selection of a bouquet. Don't buy them a standard pinky-cute carnation floral arrangment. They wouldn't be into that as much as a bouquet that is more original and artsy.

On the right is a photo from of a "Flowering Plum Combo Phalaenopsis". Here are dozens of little flowers from two orchid plants. These miniature orchids are a medium pink and provided in a beautiful laqueured pot by Norman's Orchids.

16 January 2006

Unique Floral Art is one of the most original and beautiful examples of floral art I've come across online.

On the left is one of the breathtaking floral creations available for viewing at the gallery at

Myorei graduated from Emily Carr with a Fine Arts degree and chose flowers as her art form. She has studied Japanese Ikebana floral design for many years. Myorei is also an ordained Buddhist nun.

See her Vancouver Wedding Florist site here.

It's a Blooming Business

It's a Blooming Business is located at 14006 Riverside Drive in the Westfield Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks California. They are an upscale florist and active in the corporate events, movies, television and other special event floral designs.

Here's an example of one of their non-traditional Valentine's floral designs; "The European Garden Basket.

They deliver seven days a week, same-day service.

15 January 2006

Floral Rush on East Melrose

Floral Rush is owned by Nelson Hiltner and located at 528 Melrose Avenue (between Van Ness Avenue and Wilton Place). Hiltner's specialty is architectural arrangements of unusual flora such as bamboo. Floral Rush does all the flower arrangments for Louis Vuitton stores in Los Angeles.

14 January 2006

Empty Vase Florist in West Hollywood

The Empty Vase is owned by Saeed Babaeean who opened the store fourteen years ago. They deliver as far away as Calabasas, Downtown LA, and Manhattan Beach. They are one of the most creative florists in Los Angeles. They recently won Hollywood's Chamber of Commerce Creative Business Award in the Art/Design category. Their website is outstanding, I'm sure it's being imitated by many other florist websites around the world.

See their beautiful couture flower selection.

Ruby Begonia Flowers in Hollywood

Ruby Begonia Flowers is located at 1433 North Highland Avenue in Hollywood. It's owned by three sisters. They've been in business since 1979. You can order your flowers after 3:00pm and still get them delivered that same evening.

Flowerwild in Burbank

Flowerwild has one of the best reputations in floral art. They are owned by Kate Sapienza and located at 4004 Riverside Drive. The Flowerwild website is beautiful and the prose is some of the best I've seen anywhere. The wording is as beautiful as the flowers.

Flowerwild is not your everyday flower shop. As they say on their site;

We don't have stuffed animals or balloons, we don't use fillers, and we definitely do not compromise quality for quantity.

I only wish they'd skip the slow-loading flash presentation. I am sure this barrier to entry on their site loses them a couple of visitors for every three who come to visit.

08 January 2006

Best Independent Florists in Los Angeles

Being a florist in Los Angeles is a unique experience. To get a sense of what it's like, here's an excerpt from The L.A. Times Newspaper Article - July 11, 2002:

A studio head wants to send a big box-office star flowers after her newest movie rakes in $75 million over the weekend. Think a dozen long-stemmed roses will do? Forget it. You might as well send smiley-face balloons and a Whitman's Sampler.

In a city where appearances count, floral design has become an ultra-competitive, big-bucks (average arrangement $100, no upper limit), high-stakes business with constant pressure to come up with traffic stopping, cutting-edge designs. While sending the snapdragon and carnation bouquet from page 7 of the generic flower arrangement catalog may work for some, others consider nothing but flora in the highest possible style.
(See more from this story at Empty Vase)

Here are some of the best independent florists in Los Angeles:


4004 Riverside Drive
Burbank CA

Ruby Begonia Flowers

1433 N. Highland Ave.
Hollywood, CA

Empty Vase Florist

9033 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles CA

Floral rush

7525 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles Blvd

It's a Blooming Business

14006 Riverside Drive #24
Sherman Oaks CA
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