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25 January 2006

The Meaning of Yellow Roses

Thinking of buying a dozen yellow roses for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day? Don't do it.

The symbolic meaning of yellow roses is that of friendship, or platonic love. They also signify the promise of a new beginning, but this would be the type of new beginning relating to newlyweds or new mothers, rather than the beginnings of a love relationship.

Yellow roses signify joy and delight. Give them to the new mother in the delivery room or the university graduate after their graduation ceremony.

A flower arrangement composed primarily of red roses is the most appropriate bouquet for a Valentine's lover's gift of flowers.

Update January 30th: Welcome LAist readers! I was thrilled to get a link today from the LAist. This is so wonderful especially as today happens to be my birthday. For a new blogger, a link from a Los Angeles PR7 site is a bigger thrill than a gift of several dozen beautiful yellow roses.
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