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23 September 2006

Buying Organic Flowers

Demand for organic flowers is growing. Lots of people are choosing to buy only organic flowers these days. They do this because they've heard stories about how toxic chemicals can affect the people who work on flower farms and because they want to contribute to a cleaner global environment. As an added bonus, organic flowers actually have more fragrance and look more natural.

Though demand is growing, overall sales are still small. Organic flower sales totalled only $8 million in 2003, a tiny portion of the $20 billion that people spent on flowers that year nationally. But sales are expected to grow about 13 percent annually through 2008 according to the Organic Trade Association.

The wedding bouquet photo shown here is by Kuckuck.

16 September 2006

A Wedding Florist for Tom and Katie

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
are getting married very soon. Who might be the lucky Los Angeles florist chosen to provide all the floral arrangements at their wedding?

We have one clue. A few months ago for Mother's Day, Tom Cruise ordered an incredible bouquet (worth about $900) for Katie. It was just after Suri's birth so it was a very special occasion. And Lily Lodge was rumored to be the florist chosen by Tom. If Lily Lodge supplied this bouquet, it's quite likely that they are also the florist who supplies regular fresh flower orders for the Cruise residence. And if this is the case, they have a comparative advantage going in on the selection of who may be chosen as the florist for what could be the wedding of the year in Los Angeles.

If Tom and Katie follow the typical wedding budget guidelines and allocate ten percent of the total wedding cost to their flower arrangements, this could be quite a spectacular floral display!

On the other hand, it's almost certain that Tom and Katie have hired an upscale professional wedding planner consultant to handle all the details for them. In this case, this person's florist contacts in Los Angeles may be more relevant in the final decision than any regular florist purchases Tom and Katie have made to date.

The above photo is the current issue of Vanity Fair with Tom, Katie and Suri on the cover. This issue apparently flew off the shelves and magazine stores could not keep enough copies in stock. People were so interested in this story that Vanity Fair received over four million visits a day on their website and 4,000 new subscriptions to the magazine.

This is why we can say this is very likely the wedding of the year in terms of the expected amount of press coverage. And the lucky chosen florist will undoubtedly benefit hugely in prestige and new business.

Update September 21st: "She's ordered the flowers!" is a headline on the cover of this week's Us Magazine but not much is offered in the way of details. Katie has reportedly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for flowers. The wedding will be at a private estate and only family and friends are invited.

Update October 24th: The tabloids are now reporting the wedding will take place on November 18th in Italy. Hold off the Los Angeles flower deliveries until further notice.

12 September 2006

Sunflowers: Wild Versus Cultivated

Emily Green wrote very poetically about sunflowers recently. She notes how stunning the wild sunflowers are on the drive down the 110 past Dodger Stadium.

Commercially cultivated sunflowers are usually large with a single-head and very thick stems. But the freeway flowers "are smaller, elegantly branched, with each of those limbs producing radiant blooms clear through autumn without so much as a spritz from a hose."

Sunflowers are annuals but commercial sunflowers can outgrow a Laker in only one season of growth.

The sunflower photo here is by Micky

01 September 2006

Best Florist in Westwood?

Ericka Lozano rates Westwood Flower Garden as the best florist on the Westside.

Here is one of their wonderful creations made of orange dahlias and gerber daisies. They are a family-owned florist and located right by UCLA in Westwood Village at 1091 Gayley in West Los Angeles. They deliver to UCLA, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, West Hollywood and Santa Monica.
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