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20 February 2007

Origami Flowers as a New Flower Trend?

As people become more concerned with the non-organic flower growing and harvesting practises worldwide and the costs of buying flowers in terms of globabl warming impacts, we predict there may be a surge of interest in origami flower making.

Origami has been a popular art form in Japan for over a thousand years. Origami flowers last a long time and bring beauty to any room. Here is a bouquet of origami flowers from Lisa's Handmade Origami Creations.

You can also buy books on how to create origami flowers. The book shown here is Origami Flowers: Popular Blossoms and Creative Bouquetsand it's recently available in English on Amazon.

14 February 2007

White House Florist Does Valentine's

Laura Bush told Rachel Ray yesterday that the president is "Not very good" at remembering Valentine's Day, so the White House florist always sends up the flowers and George Bush signs the card. Last year the First Lady got a heart topiary fashioned by one of the White House gardeners.

The heart-shaped topiary of red roses in a clay pot you see here is by the Empty Vase Florist. It's three feet tall and about twenty inches across. Cost: $480.

02 February 2007

An Expensive Valentine's Bouquet of Roses

So you want to buy red roses for your sweetheart this Valentines. And you don't mind spending big money. Here's a benchmark for how much this could cost you. is advertising a bouquet of two dozen long-stemmed premium red roses (as shown here) with vase included for $149.00.

If you buy from them, the order will go to a local FTD florist in the city where the flowers are being delivered.

Need a Cooler for your Flower Shop?

A florist in Santa Monica is advertising a used refrigerator (reach in cooler) specifically designed for flower shops.

If you need to keep your flowers fresh and don't want to sacrifice walk-by and impulse buys then check this out. It is designed to hold 30 standard floral buckets. It has glass facing and sides and maintains a 45 F temperature in an open display case.

They are only asking $2,000 and bought it for $8,000 about two years ago. They can also arrange for delivery and installation.

01 February 2007

Upscale Flowers for Valentines

If you'd like to get your sweetheart something exotic and ultra chick for this Valentine's Day and money is no object to you, check out the upscale Valentine flower arrangements at the Empty Vase on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.

As one example here is their "Better than Chocolate" item. It's a wooden box that holds two dozen Black Magic roses surrounded by tropical Cymbidiums and lime green reindeer moss. Included is a box of Valerie chocolates.
For $300, not including delivery.
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