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21 February 2006

Send Flowers to Boost Your Career

Have you ever considered sending flowers along with your resume in order to get the dream job?

Raymond Ridder sent flowers to help him get his first job as an intern with the Los Angeles Lakers. He says nobody was looking at his resume, so he decided to send it with flowers;

"It got to the point where I would call a florist in the Inglewood area, send a resume to a florist, and then have the florist send a big plant or some flowers to Josh at the Forum," where the Lakers used to play, he said. "... I figured if I did something out of the ordinary and had them deliver a bouquet of flowers or a big plant to his office, he was going to see (the resume)."

That's how he got the public relations internship with the Los Angeles Lakers sixteen years ago. Today he is the executive director of public relations for the Warriors.

Check out the interesting story about Ridder's career and recent personal tragedies at

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