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01 February 2006

Valentine's Day Flowers and Dinner

When you are in the throes of a new romance, it's wonderful to receive flowers and be taken out for dinner on Valentine's day.

Personally though, I've been married for five years now. I still love to get flowers for Valentine's, but I'm no longer into going out for dinner on the 14th of February.

A friend of ours owns a restaurant and I thought it summed it up when she once commented that Valentine's Day at the restaurant usually has a somewhat uncomfortable, awkward atmosphere. So many new couples, so many expectations.

Now a private little room for two (as pictured above) would be something else entirely...

The photo above is "Dinner for Two". It's part of the portfolio available for viewing at The Hidden Garden. The Hidden Garden Floral Design is located in West Los Angeles. Check out their site for gorgeous floral arrangements.
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