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Best Local Florists in Los Angeles


23 February 2006

Local Flower Shops in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a directory of flower shops in Los Angeles?
It's not easy to find real directories online that list only actual Los Angeles flower shops and don't include all the fake listings which are actually online affiliate programs.

The 'fake listings' include 'internet florists' and 'virtual florists' who sell pictures of flowers as opposed to real flowers and then broker their sales to real florists.

Here are the best directories for finding real and professional florists who actually stock fresh flowers for pick up or local delivery in Los Angeles. I found this info via The Florist Detectives.

Yahoo's DMOZ directory has a listing of Los Angeles Florists here.
This directory is free for florists to submit their listings but it is edited by real people and they check for the validity of the listings. It has sixty five florists listed for Los Angeles.

The Society of American Florists is North America's largest independent floral association. Their directory includes 36 florists in Los Angeles. Go to this page and type in Los Angeles, California to see their directory.

See also the five Los Angeles florists I'd personally recommend listed on the sidebar on the right here.

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