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09 March 2006

Ordering Protea Flowers in Hollywood

Do you or your staff order fresh flowers at least twice a week? And is your florist obviously familiar with the fact that protea is the new heliconia?

If so, you may qualify as the typical 'Hollywood Wife' (at least as far as your floral sensibilities go) according to a scathing article about Hollywood wives by Isobel Smithson in the Telegraph earlier this week.

Isobel Smithson also writes;

"Into the short hours between meals, the Hollywood Wife will squeeze the meticulous maintenance of body and house. Weekly facials can cost as much as 1,000 [british pounds] and include acid peels and dermabrasion ('surgical scraping'). This is in addition to Botox, Restylane and collagen injections, topped up four times a year. Roaccutane tablets, a large dose of vitamin A usually prescribed for severe acne, is taken daily by models, actresses and Wives because 'it makes you look younger and it makes your skin have that unblemished high sheen of Nicole Kidman."

Protea flowers are shown in the picture above. This beautiful bouquet graces the front page of the California Protea Association's website.

The proteaceae are an ancient flower, one of the oldest groups of flowering plants. But they were only introduced to the United States about forty years ago. This is when they were first grown in San Diego and a few ranches in the Santa Barbara area. They are considered to be very exotic and unusual and meant only for very special occassions. According to the California Protea Association, these flowers 'will outlast and outshine any other flowers by a large margin'.
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