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23 June 2006

Love Blooms at a Los Angeles Flower Shop

Marcia Cross is getting married tomorrow in Los Angeles.

Cross, 44, stars in "Desperate Housewives". She has waited a long time for this happy event. It will be her first marriage.

She is marrying Tom Mahoney, 48, who has also never been married before.
What I find so romantic about this, aside from the ages of the first-time bride and groom, is the fact that apparently they first met in a Los Angeles flower shop!

This was back in December 2004. They got engaged in August of 2005.

Does anyone know which Los Angeles florist was the fortunate matchmaker for this lucky couple?

Update: I just read a more accurate version which says they did not actually speak at the flower shop. What happened was that Marcia Cross was browsing in the shop and Tom Mahoney came in to buy some flowers for his current date. Marcia was very attracted to him at first sight and loved his voice. She kind of followed him around the store as he talked to the florist. He left without noticing her. But as she was leaving the florist, a staff member was outside smoking. Marcia asked her about Mahoney, and the woman suggested she leave a note there for him. She left a note something to the effect; 'if the current girlfriend doesn't work out, give me a call'.

Well, Mahoney phoned. And they were engaged eight months later.

How many women do you know who would have the guts to take this kind of forward action? Marcia Cross knows what she wants and she has few fears about going about getting it. Congrats to them both!
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