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27 April 2006

Mother's Day Flowers - Online Bloom Boom

Will you be buying flowers for your Mother this Mother's Day? It's on Sunday, May 14th this year.

The week leading up to Mother's Day is the busiest time of the year for online flower orders. It even beats the Valentine's rush. I guess this is because both sons and daughters are buying for their moms, and probably more mothers live in a different city than would be the case with your partner sweetheart.

The top three online flower sellers (1-800-Flowers, and account for almost half of all Mother's Day online flower sales. If you want to save on shipping costs and also take advantage of Mother's Day flower specials, order your flowers at least a week early, and get them delivered on the Friday or Saturday rather than on the Sunday.

The gorgeous Mother's Day flower bouquet idea above is by Mark's Garden in Los Angeles. It's a joyful selection of 25 sorbet hued Dutch tulips. The cost is $85 with the vase or $60 without the vase. Delivery is extra.
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