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05 February 2006

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Florist Lover

There are a few dozen thousand of us out there whose sweethearts work in flower shops. Valentine's Day is a madhouse for them and it's likely that the last romantic thing they want when they finally do get off work is a dozen red roses. So the thorny question is, what to get for your flower-loving florist valentine?

Here are a couple of ideas:

This is the 'flower power' ladies watch by Tissot. It's a beautiful accessory and would probably be valued by anyone who works with flowers or owns a flower store.

A less expensive gift would be this funky flower power belt. Each leather flower is attached to a metal loop that attaches to the next flower, so it lays nicely over your clothes. The closure is adjustable so it will fit many sizes; from 29 to 41 inches. This fun and funky flower belt costs about $30.00 and would likely be a great conversation hit at work not to mention that it's very attractive to boot.
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